CNC Rotary Engraving & Cutting

Our CNC rotary engraving is used for large-scale engraving projects that need to obtain depths that other engraving processes cannot achieve.

Mostly used for engraving metal, CNC rotary engraving creates clean and precise engraving. Common materials we engrave with this process include brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel, mild steel, timber, plastics, Rowmark and acrylic.

Our meticulous CNC engraving can be used for both functional and stylish projects. Unlike Laser engraving, CNC rotary engraving won’t burn natural materials and plastics and so is the perfect choice for engraving these materials.

CNC Cutting

CNC Routing is used for our large-scale engraving and cutting that requires depths that other processes can’t achieve.

Using our computer-controlled router, we expertly cut, shape, drill and mill materials for a variety of purposes. The precise action of our milling machine ensures extremely accurate results for a professional finish. This method is suitable for many materials including acrylics, plastics, timber, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, AS well as styrenes and foams.

CNC routing is particularly suited to creating corporate signage, stencils, switch plates, mimic panels and displays.

We offer CNC Routing to the public as well as to the signage industry at wholesale prices and stock a large range of materials, allowing us to provide precisely cut products with quick turnaround times.

We make

Industrial labelling

Custom Branded Etched with 4 Colour paint fill Stainless Steel Manudacturing Plates, informative plaques and Nameplates by Precision Engraving PELC

Identification tags

Safety labels & tags

Equipment labels & tags

Commercial engraving

Government engraving

Large metal & plastic stencils

Custom Magnetic Stencil, NO PARKING STENCILS, Precision Engraving PELC

Road marking stencils

Large cut-out signage

Large metal memorial plaques

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