Photo Chemical etching is an extremely precise and accurate process of marking metals. This process allows us to engrave long-wearing, intricate and permanent detail onto a variety of metals, including stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminium. This process is perfect for industrial labelling, defence signage and labelling, tags, plaques and more.

Chemical etching is the main engraving process we use for metal nameplates because it is an extremely durable process of engraving that withstands harsh conditions. In chemical etching, the metal surface is precisely and neatly eaten away where required to leave a permanent engraving. Due to the depth acquired, the engraved areas can then be paint filled in any colour.

This process is suitable for a large range of products used in the automotive, aerospace, decorative, mining, commercial, marine, and mechanical industries.

We have 2 chemical etching systems, which means we can provide our customers with everything from single-plate orders to full mass-production runs.


With respect to passed loved ones, we reserve from publicly sharing the memorial plaques we have created. Within our inspiration gallery you will find censored images only depicting the level of quality, detail and personalisation we can design for your loved ones.

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